31 Dec 2010

In Midnight Clad!!

since the Night Lords book "Soul Hunter" and the audio "Throne of Lies" the Iron Hands have been made homeless buy new landlords the Night Lords.

First spree was the new Forge World Land Raider, I also have a test mini armed with a Power sword and a Inferno Pistol with Space Wolves legs and Aquila chest plate. Yes and in the words of Boldrick from the TV show Blackadder "I have a cunning plan" Khorn 'zerkers as Rapters so need to look for rapter backpacks or get some resin ones.

31 Aug 2010

Trunk Monkey

15 hours ago I uploaded this link Trunk Monkey on my Iron Hands blog and on DiceRolla as well and added a comment about "Lets make some house rules for the use of the Trunk Monkey." the vid will make you laugh out loud.

27 Aug 2010

Forge World

I have a plan.....

3 Dreadnoughts for the lucky 13 Company of Iron Warriors.

I have just ordered one with a Multi Melta and a Chain Fist arm, there will be 2 dark adepts to keep them under control.

I have not added any photos as I have been not very well and the weather has not been very good. 

4 Aug 2010

Plasma cannon

I got my Plasma Cannon this morning from Bits and Kits, Better service than the last time I used them.

3 Aug 2010

Havoc loadout.

4x Iron Warriors with boltguns.
Champion with Chain sword, Plasma pistol and Servo arm.
1 Iron Warrior with Las cannon.
1 Iron Warrior with Heavy bolter.
1 Iron Warrior with Missile Launcher.

And last but not least ..

1 Iron Warrior with Plasma cannon.

Who remembers when plasma guns and the cannons had 2 settings when firing?

29 Jul 2010

What am I working on?

Making a nine man havoc squad using oop minis and imp weapons.

Necron legs arrived from the US thanks John from santa cruse warhammer.

25 Jul 2010

Equipment Update 2010.

Warsmith: Can take any equipment listed on the Chaos Lord section plus any of the following:

Chaos Armour, 30 points (2+ armour save and a 4+ invulnerable save.)

Servo-Arm, 15 points.

Servo-Harness, 25 points. See Space marine codex for more information.

Chaos Space Marine squad leaders: May take any equipment listed in the section and may take any of the following:

Servo-Arm, 15 points.

Inferno Pistol, 15 points.
range 6", Str 8, AP1, Type Pistol, Melta.
Terminator Squad: One terminator may change his heavy weapon for a Multi Melter for 15 points.

Skull Champion: Can take any equipment listed on the Skull Champion list plus any of the following:

Collar of Khorn, 20 points Immune to all psychic powers and force weapons. But the force weapon turns into a power weapon.

Servo-Arm, 15 points.

Inferno Pistol, 15 points.

Fast Attack: Can be dropped for an extra heavy weapon section or a super heavy battle tank.

Looted tanks: The Iron Warriors may loot any Imperial tank from the Guard or Space Marines.

Obliterator Cult: may have up to 5 in the Squad or unit.

Summoned Daemons: Use the rules located in in the Chaos Daemons Codex but may assault the turn they arrive, so immediately lend their help to combat.

Heavy Weapons:

Thunderfire Cannon same points cost and stats in the Space Marine codex.

Havoc Squads, may take Multi Meltas and Plasma Cannons. Same points cost in the Space Marine codex.

Land Raider “Destro”
1 Hull mounted Twin-Linked Las cannons

2 sponson mounted Twin-Linked Las cannons

2 frag assault launchers

1 multi melta inplace of a combi bolter.

Rhino and other tanks based on the Rhino.
May take an additional spooned weapon ie: Comb bolters and Havoc Launcher.