31 Aug 2010

Trunk Monkey

15 hours ago I uploaded this link Trunk Monkey on my Iron Hands blog and on DiceRolla as well and added a comment about "Lets make some house rules for the use of the Trunk Monkey." the vid will make you laugh out loud.

27 Aug 2010

Forge World

I have a plan.....

3 Dreadnoughts for the lucky 13 Company of Iron Warriors.

I have just ordered one with a Multi Melta and a Chain Fist arm, there will be 2 dark adepts to keep them under control.

I have not added any photos as I have been not very well and the weather has not been very good. 

4 Aug 2010

Plasma cannon

I got my Plasma Cannon this morning from Bits and Kits, Better service than the last time I used them.

3 Aug 2010

Havoc loadout.

4x Iron Warriors with boltguns.
Champion with Chain sword, Plasma pistol and Servo arm.
1 Iron Warrior with Las cannon.
1 Iron Warrior with Heavy bolter.
1 Iron Warrior with Missile Launcher.

And last but not least ..

1 Iron Warrior with Plasma cannon.

Who remembers when plasma guns and the cannons had 2 settings when firing?