20 May 2011


Just need some skull heads and Season 3 of Babylon 5. bolter is from the chaos marine box, sword is from the BA guys with wings better picts soon

Love Dee.

15 May 2011

Just looking....

Well waiting on some cool heads to arrive from Chapterhouse studios, then I'll order some more MK5 and a painting station and then I'll get on with some more, oh before I forget waitin on a pot of paint as well as season 2 of Babylon 5.

7 May 2011

Aftermath meeting of beating.

For the first time, the victim of a brutal beating has met the woman who tried to step in and help.
The story made headlines around the country and the world. Chrissy Polis, a transgender woman, was beaten inside a McDonald's in Baltimore County back on April 18th. Employees stood by and watched, and one worker recorded the attack with a cell phone.
Now, Polis says she's recovering but still trying to deal with the effects of that beating. The woman who stepped in, Vicky Thoms, says she wishes more people would have helped.
On Friday they went to lunch together, well outside of Rosedale, where Chrissy Polis says last month's video-taped attack at the McDonald's on Kenwood avenue brought her far more notoriety than she ever wanted. ‘I don't like to go outside usually. I really don't because I have a lot of people I know you, saying like 'I know you, you're that girl' and I don't want to be recognized that I really don't. I just want to go back to my low-key life,’ she said.
Polis said she cries when she sees the video, which shows two teens, police say an 18-year-old and a 14-year-old, beating her relentlessly. Thoms tried to stop them.
“If it wasn't for her they would have succeeded in dragging me out of the McDonald's and lord knows what they could have accomplished at that time,’ Polis said.
Thoms had just entered the restaurant when she saw what was happening. “I just couldn't understand why he was standing there, watching somebody being beat up and not helping,’ she said.
Polis said the teens attacked her because she is a transgender woman -- and she considers the beating a hate crime. “I am a woman now. I am. I've always been this way ever since the day i was born, ever since I could walk,’ she said.
The Baltimore County State's Attorney has not yet made a determination on whether hate crime charges should apply. Vicky Thoms says the distinction didn't occur to her during the assault; sShe saw someone in trouble, and she tried to help. “I don't look at her as different, I looked at her as human,’ she said.
Polis is unemployed -- and she says since the attack she's had a hard time finding work. She and Vicki Thoms say they plan to keep in touch now that they've finally met. 

27 Apr 2011

Beaten at a local McDonald’s

I don't nomaly post anything like this, but some of you are people I trust and know a little about me, Big Jim from Galaxy in Flames, Pappa J from Dice Rolla and the ones who read what I posted that day on Jim's Blog. My thoughts go out to the victim of this hate crime.

On Friday, Adrian Leigh Cowan of Baltimore started a petition on Change.org, speaking out in response to a shocking online video of a transgender woman being brutally beaten at a local McDonald’s.

As Adrian told our team of organizers, “I was moved to start this petition because when I first viewed the video, I was brought to tears. How anyone could stand by and allow this to happen is unfathomable to me." More than 30,000 Change.org members had the same reaction, and joined Adrian in signing the petition.

If you haven’t watched the horrifying video of this hate crime, please click this link (WARNING: Video contains extremely graphic violence). Then add your name to Adrian's petition calling on McDonald’s and Maryland authorities to hold those involved accountable.

If you would prefer not to watch the video posted by Adrian, you should know what it documents: A 22-year-old transgender woman is pulled out of a McDonald’s bathroom and viciously beaten by two customers. She is punched, knocked to the ground, dragged across the floor by her hair, and kicked in the face until she appears to experience a seizure.

Instead of coming to this woman’s assistance, one McDonald’s employee filmed the assault while others can be heard cheering the assailants on as they attack the victim. After the brutal incident, the video was posted to the Internet, where an employee bragged that the assault was OK because the victim “was a man dressed like a woman.”

Sadly, this attack is a reminder of the rampant harassment and discrimination that transgender people face every day. Nationwide, more than half of all transgender people experience verbal or physical abuse when trying to access public accommodations like restrooms. Brutal acts of violence are all too common -- and authorities often fail to prosecute these crimes to the fullest extent of the law.

Not surprisingly, McDonald's lacks standard policies for protecting transgender individuals, despite a decent record of workplace discrimination protections for gays and lesbians. And while the company has pledged to “take appropriate action” against all employees involved in this heinous event, just one has been punished.

Please join Adrian Leigh Cowan in demanding that McDonald’s and Maryland authorities hold accountable both the assailants in this beating and the employees who cheered it on -- and to make sure that an attack like this never happens again:


We can’t let this brutal hate crime in Maryland go unpunished. Thank you for taking action today.

- Eden and the Change.org team

Demand that the employees on duty at McDonald's be held responsible in the beating of a trans woman


After an unidentified transgender woman tried to use the bathroom at a Baltimore McDonald's, two patrons started attacking her in full view of other...

26 Apr 2011

Thor Idea.

OK I want to bounce around some Ideas for a Night Lords Thor.

Power Armoured or TDA?

22 Apr 2011

"Kirk to Enterprise..."

"Beam me up Scotty."

Here are the first four teleporter back packs with Scorpion green eye lenses.

So thats the front (She dont say.....)

Comments? thoughts?

21 Apr 2011

second Rapter squad

Starting off how's tricks? well my nan got cremated on tuesday she said "Cant stand the cold ground." Dont blame you nan, anyhow

The second rapter squad is nearly done, I used the metal heads and pads this time, also placed some Impreial bolt pistols and chainswords into the mix, add one flamer and a plasma gun, I love this hobby.

Also ordered four of the Grey Knight "Beam me up Scotty." backpacks.

And then ordweed andother six. So blue eye lenses or red? Answers on a postcard to ........ 

7 Apr 2011

Beyond the Rim

Just to let you know that my Nan has passed beyond the Rim, my thoughts are with you nan, I shall see you next time where no Shadow will fall.

Will miss you. 

1 Apr 2011

Nine Land Speeders!!!!!!!?????????

9 Speeders is a bit ott, got my 2nd box of 'Zerkers, 3 tac squads to go, Im thinking no heavy weapons as that will slow everything down.

This is becoming a fun hobbie, making you think and plan.

So it will be 3 'speeders, You think they'd let me chaos up a Baal Preditor or two?

26 Mar 2011

Dreadnought 2

Stargate made by: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Allexis-Weetman-Designs-painting-sculpture-and-random/118225821558028?ref=sgm

23 Mar 2011


So all blood drops have been removed the crosses filled, removed 4 skulls from some marine backpacks (no I did not drew blood) and placed them where the blood drops were.

I think this is one of my best projects to date. Just waiting on GW to restock the painting station, You would of thought that one of the biggest game company in the world to get on the case. Come on you buggers restock Wayland games.

13 Mar 2011

Thoughts on the next squad

The 2nd cc squad will be zerkers once more but will be mounted in a Rhino I was going to get a 2nd Space Shuttle (Flying Brick Space Cowboys ref fantastic Clint movie.)
And the boys will have mk 4 backpacks.
I will get a 2nd LR the mark IIb from FW but I will call them when I do.

When the Stargate arrives I will have a few squads around it.

Better Picts


24 Feb 2011

Achillies semi Painted

Here she is, in Low Gothic she is knows as "Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War."

I did not want to over do the lightning on her... Did you see the Mechanicus symbol replaced with a mech skull and the 8 arrows of chaos.

Still not a good pic, he has liberated SW legs, the Eagle armour top, a liberated power sword and an Inferno pistol.

Hand flamer with power fist.

Melta gun, got a better pic of IA2.

and a blury plasma gun.

4 Feb 2011

Note to self....

Have you ever had the stupid idea of putting arms on 'zerkers before painting ? ..

Yes I have done it so I have learned from that one.

So what have you messed up with?

24 Jan 2011

Chaos Legions

I have just started working on a dex for the chaos legions, in an older book 3rd edition me thinks the Emperors Children got combat drugs and the like since that book got lost in the move I dont have much information to work from and would like some feedback.

 Chaos Legions.

By Derina Ramsey.

The 3rd Legion The Emperors Children.

The Emperors Children are devoted marines of Slaanesh and carry the mark of the Dark Gods of Slaanesh, they make full use of combat drugs, sonic weapons like the Sonic Blaster Blastmaster and Doom Siren.

Combat Drugs: any troops choice my take Combat Drugs for 10 points per unit and gain the feel no pain rule.

May also use the Fabious Bile but can call him by another name since he left the Legion during the assault on Terra he also looses the enhanced warriors since this is his underling and gains the mark of Slaanesh.

Fulgrim: The daemon possessed son of the Emperor of mankind.

Daemon Primarch of the Emperors children.

WS BS S T W A I LD Save:

8 4 7 7 6 9 7 10 2+/4+

he has 4 arms so give him 9 attacks

The 4th Legion The Iron Warriors.

The Iron Warriors are siege craft masters and martial cunning. There were excellent tankers and engineers throughout the Legion Astartes, but the best of the best could arguably be said to have served with the Iron Warriors of Peturabo, rivaled in skill perhaps only by Rogal Dorn and his Imperial Fists, a sibling rivalry and mutual acrimony that continued long after the Heresy had concluded.

Thats all I have for the moment.... Big Jim any input?

20 Jan 2011

paint job

I got the Achilles basecoated and washed but I have added some lightning yes some I'm not going to put too many lightning strikes on her as I think (and my other half yes I have one as well)  think it will spoil the hard hitting Land Raider...

As for why the Night Lords have one of these is that the Thousand Sons gifted them some of the hard hitting tanks before Russ and his Barbarians reduced his world to dust, shame Russ's boys were never punished for the over kill in the pre heresy era.

Pics as soon as I can get them ... and the Mug is nearly done.

16 Jan 2011

Rapter load out

The champion has a hand flamer and power fist, 1 has a melta gun, 1 has a plasma gun and the rest has bolt pistols and chain weapons.

Picts as soon as I have pads and they are painted.

Test mini 2

This is the best one I can do at this time of night and the parts for Betsy arrived this morning, will try and get a better pic as it was a bit windy and dark today.

14 Jan 2011

Broadsword Calling Danny Boy!!

What heads to use Feedback wanted!!!

I have a tone of Imperial heads but not many chaos heads, I dont like horns or bunny ears. I know that clipping off the bunny bits will be fun and I'm not a skull liker on helmets and the like but I have kept them on the my "Rapters."

Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War!!!

So I chased up my parts yesterday "Will get them out today." They said, Wrong!!

Called them an hour ago "I will get them done personally for you sir.." Not a happy bunny i was not with 1/2 a numb tongue from having wisdom teeth out makes me sound funny.

On a good note my 'Zerkers arrived Woooooo Hoooo!!! and yes I'm going to use the Blood Angles 'dex for my Night Lords so I'm taking all the Khorn Symbol's off myself.

As well as the chains on the pomle of the chain axes and chain swords.

13 Jan 2011

Not much new

Doors arrived and are on the Achilles, just have to wait for the hatch and coupler to be dispatched ......

12 Jan 2011

Test mini

Phase one of testing paint job is done picts will be done on the morrow as its zero hour.

Night all, In Midnight Clad.

11 Jan 2011

the plan

well I ordered the 'zerkers this after noon I might just use the back packs from the Imperial Assault squad since they are still around from the sons of medusa squad.

started painting a test mini.

In Midnight Clad.

FW Achilles

Ok all gaps filled, just waiting for some doors to arrive, also commissioned a friend to make me a Night Lords Mug and a stargate.

wonder if there is a better top hatch some place hummm.... Bits & kits here I come!!

In Midnight Clad!!

8 Jan 2011

FW Achilles

This is what I have done so far.

As you might see Not done too much last night as I got a bit of a concussion thanks to the cat headbutting me as I was getting dressed yesterday morning.

6 Jan 2011

"Constructacons Transform and roll out!"

I put "Some" of my Night Lords Achilles last night and there is shrinkage with some of the resin parts.

I give this kit 8 out of 10, minus 2 points for shrinkage and lack of Land Raider instructions, shame it don't come with resin doors but they will be ordered on Monday.   

5 Jan 2011

The Resin Bits.

Huge Muliti Meltas arnt they?

FW Achilles

I was meet by the post lady this morning carrying a box for me, I opened the box and there was a bag, in the bag was my Space Marine Land Raider Achilles kit no instructions for the Land Raider, But there was thank the Maker instructions for putting the resin together. I will take a pic in a moment and update the blog, better ask FW to send instructions for the Land Raider.

Hand up who keeps instructions after making the kits.... Not me.

In Midnight Clad.