24 Feb 2011

Achillies semi Painted

Here she is, in Low Gothic she is knows as "Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War."

I did not want to over do the lightning on her... Did you see the Mechanicus symbol replaced with a mech skull and the 8 arrows of chaos.

Still not a good pic, he has liberated SW legs, the Eagle armour top, a liberated power sword and an Inferno pistol.

Hand flamer with power fist.

Melta gun, got a better pic of IA2.

and a blury plasma gun.


  1. Sweeeet! Love the lightning bolts, those look really cool. I think that was a good decision to not go crazy by putting them everywhere... very tasteful and quite well done. Wow, she's an intimidating one for sure!

    Your Night Lords look like they're coming along nicely too, that guy with the plasma gun looks absolutely brutal! I think their lightning bolt designs turned out really well. Great work, Derina!

  2. These look great! Seeing an Achilles for your Night Lords has made me think of getting one for mine... hmmmmmm...

  3. Nice work mate - I agree with Papps that you have made good use of the lightning bolts without going overboard.

    Its always nice to see the FW gear out in the wild in peoples armies.