24 Jan 2011

Chaos Legions

I have just started working on a dex for the chaos legions, in an older book 3rd edition me thinks the Emperors Children got combat drugs and the like since that book got lost in the move I dont have much information to work from and would like some feedback.

 Chaos Legions.

By Derina Ramsey.

The 3rd Legion The Emperors Children.

The Emperors Children are devoted marines of Slaanesh and carry the mark of the Dark Gods of Slaanesh, they make full use of combat drugs, sonic weapons like the Sonic Blaster Blastmaster and Doom Siren.

Combat Drugs: any troops choice my take Combat Drugs for 10 points per unit and gain the feel no pain rule.

May also use the Fabious Bile but can call him by another name since he left the Legion during the assault on Terra he also looses the enhanced warriors since this is his underling and gains the mark of Slaanesh.

Fulgrim: The daemon possessed son of the Emperor of mankind.

Daemon Primarch of the Emperors children.

WS BS S T W A I LD Save:

8 4 7 7 6 9 7 10 2+/4+

he has 4 arms so give him 9 attacks

The 4th Legion The Iron Warriors.

The Iron Warriors are siege craft masters and martial cunning. There were excellent tankers and engineers throughout the Legion Astartes, but the best of the best could arguably be said to have served with the Iron Warriors of Peturabo, rivaled in skill perhaps only by Rogal Dorn and his Imperial Fists, a sibling rivalry and mutual acrimony that continued long after the Heresy had concluded.

Thats all I have for the moment.... Big Jim any input?


  1. Before the current codex was released I used to play a fully themed Death Guard army so I definitely miss a lot of the flavor and detail from past editions. I still have all my old books but unfortunately they're packed away now in expectation of moving. I bet there's a lot of ideas you could adapt from those books if you had access to them though. Hmm, I wonder if there's already some work online about this subject to which you could refer.

    This however looks like a really good start to the project. Making combat drugs available for Emperor's Children armies is a cool idea although I don't know how to cost it appropriately, my first impression is that you might want to bump it up some or maybe charge per model. Also would you disallow any of the units from the Chaos Marines codex from Emperor's Children armies?

    I agree wholeheartedly that one of the Primarchs should be much more than a mere Daemon Prince as represented in CSM book. Again though I have no idea what type of points cost would be fair for someone like that. I'll work on this some more this week and maybe also look around for other Chaos Legion resources.

    Best wishes to you on this endeavor, Derina, it would be great to have some characterful rules to restore some former glory to the Chaos Legions. Great work so far!

  2. http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2011/02/40k-chaos-legions-quick-and-dirty.html

    I saw that just a moment ago and wondered what you thought of their take on the Chaos Legions. I only glanced over them but I think they could work out pretty well. Seems like it would be at least a convenient starting point for your own project.