5 Jan 2011

FW Achilles

I was meet by the post lady this morning carrying a box for me, I opened the box and there was a bag, in the bag was my Space Marine Land Raider Achilles kit no instructions for the Land Raider, But there was thank the Maker instructions for putting the resin together. I will take a pic in a moment and update the blog, better ask FW to send instructions for the Land Raider.

Hand up who keeps instructions after making the kits.... Not me.

In Midnight Clad.


  1. Fresh resin... ah, such a wonderful thing! I'm surprised they didn't give you the basic land raider instructions, though, that's too bad. Maybe they just have that much confidence in you? Good luck getting everything sorted out, I hope you have a blast with the new tank!!

  2. They are going to send a copy in the post.