1 Apr 2011

Nine Land Speeders!!!!!!!?????????

9 Speeders is a bit ott, got my 2nd box of 'Zerkers, 3 tac squads to go, Im thinking no heavy weapons as that will slow everything down.

This is becoming a fun hobbie, making you think and plan.

So it will be 3 'speeders, You think they'd let me chaos up a Baal Preditor or two?


  1. Virtually my whole army is made up of Marines with a touch of Chaos even if it's only Chaos Runes as squad markings. Therefore I personally don't see a problem with 'Chaos' Baal predators ;-)

  2. This will make you laugh took 4 hours to remove the khorn icons and now Im putting the winged helms on the bodies, so far ony one chaos star in my army.

    It seams that all the power swords and axes have gone over to my Sons of Medusa.