21 Apr 2011

second Rapter squad

Starting off how's tricks? well my nan got cremated on tuesday she said "Cant stand the cold ground." Dont blame you nan, anyhow

The second rapter squad is nearly done, I used the metal heads and pads this time, also placed some Impreial bolt pistols and chainswords into the mix, add one flamer and a plasma gun, I love this hobby.

Also ordered four of the Grey Knight "Beam me up Scotty." backpacks.

And then ordweed andother six. So blue eye lenses or red? Answers on a postcard to ........ 


  1. Looking good Dee, I'd say red or green lenses.

  2. Light (Snot green) or dark (DA Green?)

  3. Lighter so it shows up from a distance.

  4. Using those backpacks is a really cool way to make your squad distinctive, great idea! The light blue glow coming from the pack looks very nice.